Are you bored?

Are you bored today? Well…so am I! Here is a list of good things to do when you are bored!

.Read a really interesting book

.Draw a comic strip

.Go shopping

.Go for a walk outside


.Jump on a trampoline

.Play football by yourself

.Check your email

.Go to your friends house

.Make a website

And that’s it! Those are good things to do when you are very bored!


Toca Boca

I love Toca Boca games a lot! My favourite one is Toca mini! In Toca mini you can make your own people! Here is some of my best creations…

image image image image image image image image image image

Feather pajamas!

I like nail art a lot! I really like Cutepolish on YouTube! She has lots of simple and fun designs which you can try too!

How to paint your nails perfectly!


Animated cartoon nails!


Pastel penguin nail art!


The ultimate guide for valentines day nails!


The ultimate guide for christmas nails!


How to dry your nails fast!